Our Top Ten Graffiti Girls of 2009

Now that 2009 has passed, we thought we’d take the opportunity to showcase some of favourite examples of  graffiti on girls from the past 12 months.

So here we have it, a run down of what we consider to have been the finest graffiti girls featured this year.



At number ten, from one of our favourite artists, G-Kill.


Number 9, from graff hunter:

Originally posted here.


In terms of detail, it rarely gets better than this.

Originally posted here.


From g-1000, incredibly detailed back piece.

Originally posted here.


Great photo, great model, great artwork, in at number 6.

Originally posted here.


Based on feedback alone, this pair was one of your favourites, and it’s easy to see why.

Originally posted here.


Back in June, one of our earliest girls featured has always been a favourite.

Originally posted here.


We’ve featured quite a few girls from Unek over the past couple of months, but our most recent is our favourite.  Incredible detail, great photo, there’s nothing to not like.

Originally posted here.


For all the right reasons, in at number two:

Originally posted here.


In at number one is the talents of G-KILL again. We plan to continue showcasing his work in the very near future, and here’s a more than worthy example of his work.

Originally posted here.

What are your thoughts?  Got a graffiti girl you think should have been included?  Check the archives and let us know your personal favourite model or artist from this year in the comments or via Twitter.

For now, here’s to another year of graffiti girl goodness.  Stay tuned, we’ve got big plans for 2010…

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